UN and OAS Should Look into the Forcible Separation of Children from their Immigrant Parents

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Many people throughout the nation have been outraged by the Trump administration’s policies which have resulted in the separation of numerous immigrant children from their parents. Many people believe these practices are cruel and unnecessary; therefore, they should be denounced by international organizations such as the UN.

Even many Republicans, such as Al Cardenas of the American Conservative Union and Florida Republican Party, has denounced these practices and called upon the United Nations and Organization of American States look into the forcible separation of children from their parents.

As detailed by the Miami Herald, 658 immigrant parents and children were separated during a 13-day span in May, and the U.S. government plans to continue doing this as a way to deter illegal immigrants from entering the United States. However, many would agree that this practice is unnecessary regardless of what a person’s status is.

Additionally, the Trump administration has proposed a policy that would investigate potential guardians of children separated from their parents. This would worsen the situation for children as fewer people would be willing to look after unaccompanied children.

To make matters worse, this policy is the result of an exaggerated increase in illegal immigration. While illegal immigration has seen an increase in the past several months, it has been steadily declining for years. Last year, there were a total of 310,000 apprehensions at the border compared to 876,000 in 2007.

The forcible separation of immigrant parents from their children is a cruel practice that should be denounced by both the Organization of American States as well as the United Nations.

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