President Trump Tweets about Deporting ‘Millions’…

President Trump’s recent tweets about deporting millions of immigrants has created a state of panic in the immigrant community, and rightfully so. As an immigration attorney who handles removal proceedings and deportations in the Miami area, I know first hand how shaken and in fear immigrants currently feel. My biggest issue with President Trump’s tweets

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Difference Between a Marriage Visa and a Fiancé Visa

Immigration policy in the United States can be very complicated. As such, it can be difficult to understand what types of visas and authorizations you might need to live and/or move your family to the United States. If you are married or recently engaged, you should understand the differences between a marriage visa and the

Avoiding Mistakes During Your Divorce

Family law cases, such as divorce and child support, can be extremely difficult to navigate. Even if you and your spouse are separating on good terms, it is still very important that you avoid mistakes which can cause your case to draw out longer than necessary. Understanding the Details of Your Case Family law involves