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What is Adjustment of Status?

There are many ways by which a foreign individual can enter and live in the United States. However, it can be very complicated to understand what forms and visas apply to your specific situation. Furthermore, it may not always be entirely clear how you can apply to become a permanent resident in the United States. Adjustment

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UN and OAS Should Look into the Forcible Separation of Children from their Immigrant Parents

Many people throughout the nation have been outraged by the Trump administration’s policies which have resulted in the separation of numerous immigrant children from their parents. Many people believe these practices are cruel and unnecessary; therefore, they should be denounced by international organizations such as the UN. Even many Republicans, such as Al Cardenas of

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Hondurans Across Florida Worried After Trump Administration Cancels Their TPS

Earlier this month, the Trump administration made the decision to end the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for thousands of Honduran immigrants in the United States. The Temporary Protected Status previously allowed immigrants the ability to gain work permits and avoid deportation. However, as a result of this cancellation, the approximately 7,800 Honduran immigrants residing in

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