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Difference Between a Marriage Visa and a Fiancé Visa

Immigration policy in the United States can be very complicated. As such, it can be difficult to understand what types of visas and authorizations you might need to live and/or move your family to the United States. If you are married or recently engaged, you should understand the differences between a marriage visa and the

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UN and OAS Should Look into the Forcible Separation of Children from their Immigrant Parents

Many people throughout the nation have been outraged by the Trump administration’s policies which have resulted in the separation of numerous immigrant children from their parents. Many people believe these practices are cruel and unnecessary; therefore, they should be denounced by international organizations such as the UN. Even many Republicans, such as Al Cardenas of

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Green Cards and Visas: 4 Instances Where You Might Need An Immigration Attorney

Miami FL – When you are applying for a green card or any type of immigrant visa in the United States, you are not required to have an immigration lawyer. Typically, if you are eligible for the benefits you are seeking, and have not been involved in any crimes, you could proceed without a lawyer

Is Your Immigration Attorney Working in your Best Interest?

When your legal status is at stake, it is important to make sure that the people working on your case are operating in your best interest. Immigration has always been a hot topic in the United States, but now, with President Trump in office, the level of tension around the topic has escalated. For many