How Does Child Support Work in Florida?

  Child support in Florida can be a complicated issue; however, it is important that parents going through a divorce understand how it works as both parents are legally obligated to provide support for their children. While the best way to ensure that you understand how child support works in Florida is by consulting with

Avoiding Mistakes During Your Divorce

Family law cases, such as divorce and child support, can be extremely difficult to navigate. Even if you and your spouse are separating on good terms, it is still very important that you avoid mistakes which can cause your case to draw out longer than necessary. Understanding the Details of Your Case Family law involves

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Who Gets to Keep the Pets After a Divorce?

Divorce can be very difficult. Having to divide everything from bank accounts to your personal property and establishing a timesharing plan that works for everyone can make for some very difficult conversations. We often talk about how child custody plays out in a divorce, or separation (as it is a popular topic amongst our clients);