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Slow Wage Growth May Create a Consumer Debt Crisis

Despite over 200,000 jobs being created in May alone, the United States has experienced an annual wage growth of just 2.7 percent. Due to this minuscule wage growth, recent data suggests that many American households have piled on additional debt with the expectation of higher wage growth – leaving them with no way to get

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3 Things in the Way of a Republican Immigration Deal

For many years, House Republicans have tried and failed to pass sweeping immigration legislation. While their efforts haven’t resulted in anything in the past, they are once again attempting to reform the United States’ immigration policies. However, in order to do this, they will have to overcome opposition from Democrats and Trump, and they will

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Will Miami Republican Be Able to Help Immigrants with Petition on Immigration Reform?

Carlos Curbelo, a Miami Republican representative, is attempting to rally other Republicans in an effort to force votes on a variety of issues relating to immigration. This began on May 9th when Curbelo introduced a petition to allow the House of Representatives to vote on four bills related to immigration; sparking an immigration debate in

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