Florida Homeowners’ Rights to Redeem Their Home After a Foreclosure

Homeowners who have recently been foreclosed on have the right to get their home back – even if someone has recently purchased it from a foreclosure auction. Homeowners still have rights following a foreclosure, so it is important that you understand them if you are in a similar situation. Homeowners’ Right to Redeem After a

Beware of Inexperienced Immigration Attorneys and Unqualified Notarios

The process for immigrants coming to the United States in search of citizenship or asylum can be incredibly complicated and time-consuming. Moreover, with the current immigration policies put in place by the Trump administration, immigration to the US is more difficult than ever. As such, it is crucial that anyone who desires to come to

What Factors Determine Time-Sharing in Florida?

Time-sharing is one of the most difficult things that parents have to face. Deciding which parent will get custody of their child, and at what times the other parent will be able to visit, can be a very difficult process. If you are currently going through a divorce which involves a child, or in the