President Trump Tweets about Deporting ‘Millions’…

President Trump’s recent tweets about deporting millions of immigrants has created a state of panic in the immigrant community, and rightfully so.

As an immigration attorney who handles removal proceedings and deportations in the Miami area, I know first hand how shaken and in fear immigrants currently feel.

My biggest issue with President Trump’s tweets is that they lack any specifics! This, in turn, has caused widespread fear throughout the week. Who are the millions that will be getting deported? How many millions will there be? In the fiscal year ending on September 30, 2018, ICE ordered a total of 287,741 deportations. Now President Trump is going to aggressively quadruple the quota?

To say that “millions” will be deported “as fast as they come in” is blatantly irresponsible. With such a quota burdened onto ICE, ICE will be prone to make mistakes. With ICE prone to make more mistakes, many immigrants with valid claims/defenses may be forcibly separated from their families without their day in court!  Right now, many of my clients are in fear that they will become collateral damage, and because the tweet lacked any specifics, their fear is warranted.

Sure, this might be a ploy to jumpstart his reelection campaign, but our President’s tweet was irresponsible to say the least. It is easy to downplay the severity of the tweet if you are a citizen, but if you’re an immigrant who might get mistakenly separated from his or her family, you have no choice but to take the situation seriously.

The Law Offices of Alexander Borell specializes in removal proceedings and defending deportation orders. My offices offer aggressive and experienced immigration defense. If you are in the Miami, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa, or Jacksonville area and have a question or concern about your immigration status – especially after President Trump’s most recent statements – please contact my firm immediately for a free consultation, as this is is NOT a time to take chances.

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