Illegal Immigrants Under Attack – This Time It’s Not Trump

South Florida has the fifth most illegal immigrants in the nation according to And, since President Donald Trump has taken office, he has made immigration one of his top priorities. Following the travel ban, Trump recently signed an executive order that forces sanctuary cities to no longer safe harbor illegal immigrants.


Graphic shows the sanctuary cities in the United States. Miami has the 5th most illegal immigrants behind New York City, Los Angeles, Houston and Dallas.

With approximately 450,000 illegal immigrants in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach area, Miami has been known to be a sanctuary city. Last week, as you may already know, there was a great amount of outrage and protests in Miami. Protesters demonstrated in an effort to keep Miami a sanctuary city, but even after an official appeal, Mayor Carlos Gimenez has agreed to comply with Trump’s order to stop acting as a sanctuary city. This has resulted in panic and chaos for illegal immigrants.The scrutiny coming down on immigrants in Miami and other sanctuary cities has left illegals desperate and scrambling for help. For many illegals, searching for the quickest help possible may lead to some huge confusion. In Miami, there have been more and more “Notario Publico” businesses offering immigration help.If you are from a Latin country, this might not sound out of the ordinary, but the truth is, it’s a cause for concern!


Despite protests, Miami Mayor Carlos Gimenez (left) orders Miami-Dade prisons to comply with President Donald Trump’s Executive Order on sanctuary cities.

Simply put, a “Notario Publico” or public notary is not somebody who you want handling your immigration case in the United States. A “Notario Publico” is associated with somebody who does similar work to that of an attorney, or abogado, in Latin countries; but, in the United States, a public notary is simply a person authorized to perform certain non-contentious legal formalities, such as drawing up or certifying contracts, deeds, and other documents.

The key thing here is that a Public Notary cannot represent you in front of any branch of government like an attorney can. While a friend, family member, or public notary can fill out your immigration forms, only lawyers and other qualified representatives can represent you in immigration court. And this doesn’t even delve into the fact that many public notaries are trying to capitalize on the situation here in South Florida.

immigration protests miami

Protesters demonstrate to keep Miami a sanctuary city.

Most public notaries are being opportunistic based on the high number of immigrants in South Florida; they’re guilty of preying on illegals during the challenging and desperate times they are facing. When your legal status is at stake, it is important to have somebody with plenty of immigration experience on your side. You need somebody who can guide you through every step of the immigration process. But, if the person, or notary has only practiced immigration for a limited time, they are, more than likely, not worth the money you are paying for the service.

At the Law Office of Alexander Borell, we have over 25 years of experience handling immigration cases. We can represent you in immigration court; negotiate with the Department of Homeland Security, the Board of Immigration Appeals, or any other branch of the Executive Office of Immigration Review. Whether you are facing a deportation order, looking to get legal status, or trying to petition a family member into the country, the Law Office of Alexander Borell will give you the experience and legal counsel that you deserve. Before you pay a “notario publico” money for immigration help, make sure you understand that they cannot represent you in court or do much more than filling out your papers.

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