Hondurans Across Florida Worried After Trump Administration Cancels Their TPS

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Earlier this month, the Trump administration made the decision to end the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for thousands of Honduran immigrants in the United States. The Temporary Protected Status previously allowed immigrants the ability to gain work permits and avoid deportation. However, as a result of this cancellation, the approximately 7,800 Honduran immigrants residing in Florida are at risk of being deported.

As explained by the Miami Herald, Honduran immigrants will have 18 months to either seek legal immigration status in the US or return to their home country. If neither of these is accomplished, they will face being deported.

Since 1990, the TPS program has been available to immigrants seeking refuge from countries affected by natural disasters or armed conflicts. This includes Honduras, which was devastated by Hurricane Mitch. Since then, thousands of Honduran immigrants, as well as immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti, and Nicaragua, have depended on the TPS to allow them to build their lives in America.

However, over the past several months, the Trump administration has stripped away the TPS from thousands of Salvadoran, Nicaraguan, Nepalis, and Haitian immigrants. Due to this, Honduran immigrants throughout the nation have been anxiously waiting to find out whether or not their protection status would be stripped away as well.

The decision to cancel the TPS has had an immediate and drastic effect on thousands of Hondurans who have built their lives in the United States. The Center for Migration Studies has established that 85% of Hondurans protected under the TPS are part of the workforce. Moreover, 20% of them have mortgages, and, collectively, they have over 50,000 children born in the United States.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the United States’ immigration process, many of these people do not have a path towards legal immigration status and will face deportation in the coming months. Due to the cancellation of this program, thousands of Hondurans will be forced to leave their families and jobs behind to start over in Honduras. If you have immigrated to the United States and are concerned about your status, or possibly being deported, it may be to your advantage to have an experienced immigration attorney on your side. The constant changes that the Trump administration is making to immigration law has created a volatile environment for immigrants in the United States; if you, or somebody you know is struggling with immigrating to, or staying in the United States, please contact my office as we offer a free consultation and have a highly experienced team of immigration attorneys available to fight on your side.

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