• I would highly recommend the legal services of Alexander Borell. All staff members are courteous and professional. I had such an amazing experience with Chanel Coalla. She is very attentive and worked diligently on my case. She did everything she said she would and kept me up to date every time something happened. During the process she was very efficient and understood what was needed. She was also effective in connecting with Andre Philogene who did an outstanding job on the case. Additionally, I had the pleasure of working with Kenia, who made sure to call me every time with a kind request for payment. They are the best!

    So, thank you Chanel, Kenia and Andre for the excellent service!

    I am indeed very satisfied and I definitely recommend the office of Alexander Borell for your legal needs!

    R Penate

    J Avatar

    My best friend was dealing with separating from an Awful, abusive, toxic relationship. And we saw no way out, the BEST decision we made was contact the law offices of Alexander Borrell! They helped her win the case and FULL custody of her child. We are so greatly! This firm is the best, they respond on a timely matter and are so empathic with every case, will definitely recommend!

    Belinda V. Avatar
    Belinda V.

    I used alex borell's service about 14 years ago. I am coming back today for new legal advise. This attorney is punctual, he actually gets back at you and not leave you hanging like most attorney firms... 100% recommended....

    david a. Avatar
    david a.

    Alexander Borell’l office provided excellent service. Ms. Chanel Coalla demonstrated professionalism and personal attention to all details of my case. The Law Offices of Alexander Borell covers many legal fields, and if you need an attorney, just go there, and you will never regret it!

    Wade K. Avatar
    Wade K.

    I would like to thank Mellisa and Chanel. They had provided me with excellent legal advice and service. They were efficient,professional and personable. Their ethics is of the highest standards. I am very great full for their excellent job. Highly recommends.

    Bonnilyn T. Avatar
    Bonnilyn T.

    I will say I was very apprehensive about using a law firm I never met or any knowledge about during the world’s first ever pandemic was extremely difficult time but after speaking with Case Manager Chanel Coalla she made the process the best she assured me everything would be handled professionally and within a timely matter and everything she said was exactly as described my experience was awesome! She followed up with me and responded to my correspondence very quickly and professionally I’m very satisfied! Mr.Harris

    Anthony H. Avatar
    Anthony H.
  • I would like to recommend this office to anyone needing legal advice. I hope to never be in this situation again however if I ever find myself in need I will hire this firm again. I was going through a divorce and found this office. My lawyer Nory Diaz was a pit bull in helping me with my case. I cannot thank her enough. I also want to thank her paralegal and office manager Alicia Hernandez who always kept me informed through this difficult process. Anytime I called they were both available any times a problem would occur they would get on the phone and resolve my issues. I am forever grateful to them for helping me in the worst time of my life.

    Remigio M. Avatar
    Remigio M.

    I trust this excellent law firm for all my legal needs.I place my trust in them when I become a victim of a Credit Card Fraud with Credit One.For 3 years I was battling with Credit-One a debt that was not mine & I never incurred.Them I hire the excellent team of Professional at Alexander Borrell Law firm.They worked hard to achieve results.I went to many set backs.Dealing with the other law firm.That was very aggressive to collect a amount of money that if was not mine.I always keep my trust in the law firm of Alexander Borrell.They get me excellent results at the end.They solved my problem with experience & extreme professionalism..I highly recommended this excellent team of dedicated professionals at work.I personally thank all of them.I give them 5 stars.Once againg thank Alexander Borrell Law firm for a well done job.


    Juan J. Dominguez

    Juan D. Avatar
    Juan D.

    If I were able to click on more stars, I would give them a higher rating. Words cannot express how truly satisfied I am of this excellent service I have received from this law firm. Special thanks to my attorney Andre, my Paralegal Sandra, Chanel, and the rest of the staff!!! You have truly been professional, efficient, and my life saver during this tough financial period in my life! I will forever be grateful. You guys are amazing at what you do and I will definitely be referring others to you!!! Thank you Again 😊. From Nadine Leveille.

    Nadine C. Avatar
    Nadine C.

    If I were able to click on more stars, I would give them a higher rating. Words cannot express how truly satisfied I am of this excellent service I have received from this law firm. Special thanks to my attorney Andre, my Paralegal Sandra, Chanel, and the rest of the staff!!! You have truly been professional, efficient, and my life saver during this tough financial period in my life! I will forever be grateful. You guys are amazing at what you do and I will definitely be referring others to you!!! Thank you Again 😊. From Nadine Leveille.

    Nadine L. Avatar
    Nadine L.

    Excellent service! Thank you So much Alicia for your infinite patience and for your extra Hardwork and dedication of every single second that you service me! My divorce was done in weeks! Record time! Super reliable Firm. Would use them again anytime.

    Gina P. Avatar
    Gina P.

    Needing an attorney is in most cases stressful, going from the premise that most of the times you need a lawyer, you are somehow involved in a situation you are not able to resolve by yourself, and that can bring serious consequences.
    But from the very first visit, Sunrise made feel comfortable and confident that I was in good hands.
    To make a ling story short, my case was solved much sooner than I expected and with an experienced and capable team.
    I wanted to give a special shout to one of the attorneys, Andre Philogene who followed my case closely and was always available for any questions I possibly had. So on top of being a great lawyer, Andre brings you exceptional attention and customer service as well.

    paulo f. Avatar
    paulo f.
  • Andre was very professional. Their team goes out of their way to make you feel welcome. They are very quick and responsive to help you in every way possible. I would highly recommend them.

    Mario F. Avatar
    Mario F.

    Experience was very pleasant, friendly environment and great customer service. They are very good in efficiency to get the job done. Thank you to my lawyer Carlos great job. Also, thank you to my paralegal Alicia who was on top of everything.

    Oscar B. Avatar
    Oscar B.

    The service was great I would definitely recommend them. They were able to settle my case and get a great deal. Andre and Sandra were always on top of everything and made sure it turned out great. Awesome people!

    Matt D. Avatar
    Matt D.

    I am grateful for coming across this law firm. I had an open law suit that they were able to resolve for me in very little time. The attorney Andre and Karla the paralegal were both very helpful and responsive with all my question. Thank you Borell team for all your help!

    Luis G. Avatar
    Luis G.

    Would like to thank this office for helping me lower the debt and get me out of going to trial. Excellent service and very professional thank you to my case manager Chanel Coalla and office Manager Alicia Hernandez.

    Andrea S. Avatar
    Andrea S.

    When I walked in service was very fast and I was explained everything in a way that I understood. Attorney Andre Philogene was very patient and very kind and knew all the secrets of the creditor.i am very pleased with my outcome. Special thank you to their office manager Alicia who was a sweetheart.

    Maureen W. Avatar
    Maureen W.
  • Excellent service had my account garnished and was able to get released and settle my debt.Thank you to the attorney and assistant Karla. I also want to thank their office manager Alicia for helping me with questions.

    Pedro R. Avatar
    Pedro R.

    Carolyn welcomes me with open arms. She is sweet but is aggressive for her clients. From the first day I met her I told her I was scared and depressed. She told me as of today we are winners and gave me a hug before I left. I was terrified but now I’m at ease knowing that she is standing right by me. All my faith is in her. I am very happy to have found her.

    Vicky B. Avatar
    Vicky B.

    Carolyn Hart is easy to talk to. Very patient as I don’t speak well in English. She always try’s to understand me and be patient. When I ask her questions she always understands. She has been great in explaining and helping me through my divorce. I really her help. Would recommend as she is a great lawyer. Thank you to her office manager Alicia too. Now I understand the whole process because of her.

    Cherline R. Avatar
    Cherline R.

    I highly recommend, my mother was in the middle of losing her home and we hired the services of the Law Firm of Alex Borell. They were great, they were very supportive and offered us the best legal advice during this difficult time for my mother. They worked with us to modify our home and assisted us through a successful bankruptcy. Thank you to the entire team!

    Joaquin R. Avatar
    Joaquin R.

    Hired firm to help me with my family case. I am beyond happy with the results and service I received from the lawyer Jenny Consuegra. She was amazing! Definitely recommend to anyone.

    carolina c. Avatar
    carolina c.

    Happy with my attorney Carolyn Hart she made the beginning process easy for me! She made sure I understood the process and really made me feel good and confident!

    Wendolyne P. Avatar
    Wendolyne P.
  • I am very happy with my results and the outcome of my case. The office of Mr. Borell handled my case with extreme professionalism and kept me informed during the entire process. I highly recommend them to anyone that needs help with legal services. A special thank you to their Paralegal Maciel for keeping me updated at all times about my case.

    William C. Avatar
    William C.

    I want to thank Andrew for getting us help and giving me and my husband peace of mind they helped us with our traffic and now our immigration case they really do go above and beyond

    Corinne C. Avatar
    Corinne C.

    Happy with outcome on my child support case. I would like to thank office and lawyer Thomas Hampton. Will recommend to everyone.

    Alexi V. Avatar
    Alexi V.

    Thomas was excellent. Very kind and prompt and very knowledgeable. He was very patient with me in this very difficult time. I would definitely recommend him 100%.

    Sabel B. Avatar
    Sabel B.

    I am extremely happy with the Law Office of Alexander Borell and the entire staff for being so attentive and responsive at all times. They helped me with my case and communicated with me during the process from beginning to end. The outcome was a great sucess for my family and I. A special thank you message to their Paralegal Maciel Morales for being so helpful, well educated and attentive.

    Hector T. Avatar
    Hector T.

    I had the pleasure and honor to meet Chanel Coalla. She carries herself with honor and integrity. She treats me like family and makes me feel confident. She embodies the mission of the firm "Helping you overcome obstacles in order to achieve your goals." I am truly grateful for her.

    Ingrid C. Avatar
    Ingrid C.
  • Made us feel so at home! Carolyn is something else! Chanel and Wendy go way out of their way to make clients feel taken care of. Will use for all legal needs.

    Jayson P. Avatar
    Jayson P.

    Would like to thank my lawyer Carolyn Hart for helping me with my family case. I explained to her everything i wanted and she delivered what was promised. Thank you so much!

    Indira. A. Avatar
    Indira. A.

    Thanks to all the wonderful people at the Borell law firm, I was able to help my husband gain legal status!! From the very first meeting they made sure we knew how the process worked and made sure we understood what was going on every step of the way. Glad I made the call to Alexander Borell and his staff when I did.

    sarah g. Avatar
    sarah g.

    I would like to thank this office for helping me get my I90 I was so happy I came back to hire them on a new case. My experience was great. Service was always on time communication is good. They were very direct. Phenomenal service!

    Elwaldo M. Avatar
    Elwaldo M.

    Very pleased with the service I received at this office. I would like to thank my lawyer Jeffrey Campos who kept me informed through the whole process. My case was resolved quickly. Would recommend.

    Lucia B. Avatar
    Lucia B.

    Came to this office for a child support case and the service was excellent. Later on I had a debt case and remembered his office did this type of cases too. I am very pleased with the outcome on both my cases. Thank you to the lawyer on my debt case Jeffrey Campos.

    Ariel C. Avatar
    Ariel C.
  • I have to say Chanel Coalla has been extraordinary in helping me with my case. She has always responded to my inquiries in a timely fashion. Chanel reassured me that my case was in the right hands. Chanel was able to speak with me whenever I got anxious and was able to calm me down, without her I don't know what I would have done. My case is on going but I am confident, should I have any questions or concerns Chanel will be there to guide me. Chanel is a consummate professional and the legal team is lucky to have her on their side. Thank you for all you do and continue to do.

    shannon b. Avatar
    shannon b.

    My godmother was seeking assistance with her reverse mortgage and found this law firm who was able to help her save her home. Without you guys she would have lost her home. I am thankful to this office. I would recommend you highly to anyone. A special thanks to Alicia and the lawyer Jeffrey Campos.

    Jay D. Avatar
    Jay D.

    Everyone was kind and courteous and considerate and knowledgeable. I was really happy that everything was broken down into layman’s terms so I can understand. Often times you go to attorneys office and don’t understand even though you shake your head but this has been a very good experience. I would like to thank attorney Jeff Campos would highly recommend him he helped me with debt settlement.

    Jacqueline C. Avatar
    Jacqueline C.

    I had a great experience interning at this law firm. This is a great opportunity for aspiring lawyers to gain experience in a law firm setting, especially client intake. The client intake team are very helpful to their interns and willing to teach things the intern does not know. In regards to client setting, they are very helpful and professional towards their prospective clients and current clients. They are willing to help them as best as they can. Overall, I had a great time at interning with this firm.

    Steffi R. Avatar
    Steffi R.

    I had a foreclosure case came to this office seeking help. I was introduced to Jeff he was very motivated to help with my case. I’m very happy with the outcome. I was able to keep my house.

    TheAirsultan Avatar

    I have had nothing short of a wonderful experience with the attorney I worked with, Jeffrey Campos. He was diligent and efficient with both of our time. I would recommend him and this firm to anyone looking for that personal attention and quick resolutions.

    Anyoli F. Avatar
    Anyoli F.
  • This summer I had the opportunity to intern for the firm and as someone who was in the inside I can tell you guys for a fact that everyone is super involved and interested in each and every one of the clients. At times, yes there are delays and cases do get expensive, but I know that the attorneys are committed and on top of their game. They roll with the punches and keep on going for their clients, they really do put you guys first. No one in that office has NOT put in late hours. I know some of the attorneys come in super early leave wayyyy after the building is turned off.

    Recently, the firm changed the family department and it has turned out for the better - despite a few hiccups. That's the thing about Andrew, the senior manager, he knows when a change needs to be made and he is not afraid to make it. Andrew, not only knows what he wants, but he also has the drive to follow through. The guy is also super compassionate and he loves what he does.You couldn't possibly be in better hands, because no one at the firm does this job for the money. They do it because it is their calling.

    As a result, the team is excellent. Andrew and Alex's, who both hire the workers there know who they need, and who the firm needs. Andrew's right hand Sunrise, is amazing and an extremely helpful and a hard working person. Everyone there makes the dream work together. God forbid, if I ever need legal assistant I know that I would come to these guys.

    Katherine H. Avatar
    Katherine H.

    Happy with the service. I am a returning client. I would definitely recommend this office for any legal issues. I would like to thank Alicia and Andrew for their excellent service. Fast results!

    eustache f. Avatar
    eustache f.

    This office has been excellent. I am.very satisfied. I get immediate response every time i call or email Alicia. Lawyer is very well known with a lot of cases however he always gives each case the attention it deserves. I would recommend this firm in a heartbeat. Located in a great area, Miami lakes.

    Lily R. Avatar
    Lily R.

    A huge thank you to the Law Offices of Alexander Borell!! They were the ones that were finally able to achieve results in my child support case after others were not! Everyone was extremely professional and handled everything in an efficient manner. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone I need of legal services.

    Claudia L. Avatar
    Claudia L.

    Thank you to the law office of Alexander for handling my fathers immigration case. Went to the Orlando office and was attended to in a timely and professional manner. Couldn't have left my first consult happier. They answered all of my questions and told me what I needed to do to handle this diligently. We can now rest easy knowing we're in good hands!

    Arianna B. Avatar
    Arianna B.

    5 star ratingGreat outstanding,caring,resourceful,kindness, patience, and professional with everything they'll help you out right away when it comes for any cases able to resolve on any situation whatever you are in.....
    Thank you for making my husband and myself feel so welcome and able to understand better over immigrantion issue via case. As for sure, we'll use them again near future!:)

    Yes, I highly recommend to anyone whom have troubles nor long struggle with immigrantion cases from same local area close to Miami go to see them by make any appointment! 😉

    Erika S. Avatar
    Erika S.
  • I had so much pressure on me due to the foreclosure of my house until I went to The Law Office of Alex Borell. I was met with a professional staff and they assured me that they would handle my foreclosure issue and not to worry. Finally, I received a call from Alicia in where they told me the good news that a modification was approved by the mortgage company. What a relieve after such an ordeal. My thanks to the great job done by The Law Office of Alex Borell !!!!!

    ESTEBAN R. Avatar

    5 star ratingAs a Condominium President and with an extensive background in Healthcare, I've dealt with plenty of attorneys and law firms. I had the privilege of being referred to The Law Offices of Alexander E. Borell to handle my personal case. Everyone from my Loss Mitigation Specialist; Alicia Hernandez, to my representing attorney kept me informed, explained the options and resolved my case in my favor. I could not ask for more.

    Miguel C. Avatar
    Miguel C.

    5 star ratingDuring a tenant/landlord dispute where I knew my landlord was completely wrong, I used the trusted services of the Law office of Alexander Borell. My Attorney was Giancarlo Ricard, and he was super helpful. Within 2 days of hiring Giancarlo and team, they had reached a resolution for me with the landlord. Within 4 weeks my issue was no longer a problem and I received compensation for my dispute. Luckily, due to their expertise and knowledge I did not have to file a suit or go to court. I am super grateful to their team for their swift action, and compassionate demeanor during a tough time. Thank you Giancarlo Ricard and team!

    Grace L. Avatar
    Grace L.