How the Trump Administration Might Prevent the Next Great Company from Being Created

In August 2016, the USCIS proposed a rule that would allow certain international entrepreneurs to temporarily remain in the United States so that they would have a chance to start or scale their businesses. This International Entrepreneur Rule (IER) is commonly known as the Startup Visa. Under the rule, qualified entrepreneurs would be allowed an

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Immigration Laws are Forcing U.S. Citizen Children and Foreigners on Uphill Climb

Unless you are directly affected by immigration, it’s hard to understand how immigration laws influence the lives of people around the world. And, with more focus on immigration now than ever before, it’s easy to get stuck on laws and policies and lose sight of the actual people (oftentimes children) who are powerless in their

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Green Cards and Visas: 4 Instances Where You Might Need An Immigration Attorney

Miami FL – When you are applying for a green card or any type of immigrant visa in the United States, you are not required to have an immigration lawyer. Typically, if you are eligible for the benefits you are seeking, and have not been involved in any crimes, you could proceed without a lawyer

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Can You Go To Jail For Not Paying Child Support?

  May 31, 2017, MIAMI – While you can go to jail for not paying child support, being prepared for a contempt of court hearing (regarding child support) can result in you avoiding jail-time. Because it is court ordered, failing to pay child support is considered being in contempt of court. So, if you owe unpaid child support,

Most of the Immigration News you are Reading is Fake

Lately there has been so much confusion over immigration policies and orders that – as an attorney offering immigration services – I felt compelled to write a blog advising you on how to process all of the information available. Whether you are looking for immigration help, or simply researching information for a friend or family member,

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Illegal Immigrants Under Attack – This Time It’s Not Trump

South Florida has the fifth most illegal immigrants in the nation according to And, since President Donald Trump has taken office, he has made immigration one of his top priorities. Following the travel ban, Trump recently signed an executive order that forces sanctuary cities to no longer safe harbor illegal immigrants. With approximately 450,000

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Is Your Immigration Attorney Working in your Best Interest?

When your legal status is at stake, it is important to make sure that the people working on your case are operating in your best interest. Immigration has always been a hot topic in the United States, but now, with President Trump in office, the level of tension around the topic has escalated. For many

HAMP and HARP Are Expiring Soon

The housing crisis from 2007-2009 really did damage to our economy. The main issue was that big banks were giving out loans that people could not afford to pay, also known as Subprime Loans. As a foreclosure attorney in Miami for over 25 years, I’ve witnessed the consequences that the subprime mortgage crisis created. As