Alexander E. Borell formed the Law Offices of Alexander Borell in 1994, in Coral Gables. He started his practice as a real estate law firm, but has gradually expanded to offer Immigration, Criminal, and Family Law services. Alex now operates offices in Coral Gables, Miami Lakes, West Palm Beach, Orlando and Tampa with plans to open in Fort Myers, Jacksonville and Tallahassee by the end of 2019. Alex prides himself on making sure your experience, as a client, is exceptional – regardless of which location you visit. As his firm has branched out into different areas of law and opened new locations, Alex has emphasized the importance of bringing on exceptional team members. At the Law Offices of Alexander Borell, you will be working with attorneys and paralegals that are knowledgeable about the law, passionate about putting clients first, and have the experience necessary to achieve great results.

Head of Legal
Jenny Consuegra specializes in Litigation and Family Law at the Law Offices of Alexander Borell. She pursued a career in law after being inspired by the clever and triumphant defense attorney Benjamin Matlock. From a young age, Jenny identified with Matlock because of the way he excelled at helping people. Like him, she oftentimes found herself sticking up for her friends at school and defending them against bullies. As an honest and understanding person, and somebody who believes in fairness, Jenny enjoys being an attorney because it gives her the tools necessary to help people at the times they need it most. Knowing the stakes of her work, Jenny prioritizes keeping an open line of communication with her clients.  When she is not at the office, she enjoys baking, reading and photography. Jenny attended Loyola University New Orleans School of Law and was admitted to the bar in 2008.

Foreclosure Defense Attorney
Jeffrey Campos is a foreclosure defense attorney for the Law Offices of Alexander Borell.  He pursued a career in law after becoming fascinated by John Grisham’s best selling novel, The Firm. Although Jeff’s interest in law stems from a non-fiction, legal thriller, he is very aware of the real world implications when it comes to representing clients. Jeff’s most memorable case is when he helped a family keep their home after the husband/father suffered a stroke and was left incapacitated. Through relentless efforts, due diligence and tough negotiations, Jeffrey was able to come to a favorable agreement with the lender on behalf of the family. If Jeff is working your case, you can expect constant updates, optimism about the results to come and a bit of humor along the way. Jeffrey is a Big Brother in the Big Brother and Sisters Program; he graduated from the University of Florida and earned his J.D. from St. Thomas University.


Family Law Attorney
Carolyn Hart is a family law attorney for the Law Offices of Alexander Borell. Carolyn, who was admitted to the bar in 1992, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our firm. Having ran her own law firm since 1994, Carolyn has familiarity with many different areas of law, including: family, immigration, probate litigation and civil litigation matters. At her firm, Carolyn was accountable for all aspects of litigation including strategy, motion practice, research and writing, and trial preparation. Carolyn has appeared before the Department of Homeland Security and the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services in Miami and West Palm Beach for various immigration matters. Carolyn pursued a career in law in order to defend those in need and help them navigate through difficult times. Carolyn’s main area of expertise is in family law, where she specializes in dissolution of marriage cases, modifications and contempt issues.

Family Law Attorney

Thomas Hampton is a Family Law attorney for the Law Offices of Alexander Borell. Thomas has extensive experience in trials and asset protection, helping clients achieve their estate planning objectives with the preparation of Wills, Trusts, Living Wills and Advance Health Care Directives. Before joining our firm, Thomas was the Supervising Attorney with the 16th Judicial Circuit’s Guardian ad Litem Program, where he represented the best interests of children in all areas of Dependency Proceedings. At our firm, Thomas specializes in dissolution of marriages, paternity, child custody and support issues, spousal support mediation as well as modification and enforcement of family law orders and judgments. Thomas is an advocate for legal issues involving the LGBT community and has the distinction of having obtained a landmark decision with the State of Florida on the right of same sex couples to marry within the State. Thomas earned his J.D. in 2000 from Washington University School of Law and is admitted to the Bars of Florida and Illinois.

Of Counsel Criminal Law Attorney
Daniel Galo practices criminal law for the Law Offices of Alexander Borell and operates in an Of Counsel role. Daniel brings a tremendous amount of experience to the firm and is well known for being a tenacious and skilled trial attorney who has a strong work ethic. Daniel was an Assistant State Attorney with the 15th Judicial Circuit in and for Palm Beach County for over twenty one years. As an Assistant State Attorney, Daniel tried numerous high profile felonies, white collar crimes and homicide cases and held several supervisory positions. Daniel is highly involved with his community in the West Palm Beach area and received the Palm Beach County School Board’s Gold Medal Award as a Community Leader. Daniel, who has also served in numerous advisory roles to various boards and committees, earned his law degree from the University of Florida in 1986 and has been practicing law for 31 years.


Of Counsel Criminal and Family Law Attorney
Rawan Dalaq practices criminal and family law for the Law Offices of Alexander Borell, who represents our clients in an Of Counsel role. Rawan specializes in criminal and family cases for our Tampa office; she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in finance from The University of Texas at Dallas. Soon after, she attended Western Michigan University Cooley Law School in Riverview where she graduated and earned her Juris Doctorate. She was admitted to the Florida Bar in 2015. Rawan was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She moved to Dallas, Texas where she lived for 8 years before returning to Florida and residing in Tampa with her husband and two children. Rawan prides herself on putting clients first and doing everything necessary to get the best results possible.


Of Counsel Criminal and Traffic Attorney

Jennifer Strouf is a criminal and traffic attorney for the Law Offices of Alexander Borell, who represents our clients in an Of Counsel role. Jennifer is a Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorney who helps assist our Tampa office with both traffic and criminal cases. Jennifer was admitted to the bar in 2002 and brings 16 years’ experience to the firm. In her spare time, Jennifer practices improv performing and training at Improv4Lawyers; the training is intended to help lawyers enhance their trial skills and improve their negotiation skills. The impromptu reacting and responding in improv performing is not that different from the courtroom. Jennifer’s experience with the law and passion for continuing to perfect her craft, is what sets her apart and puts all of our clients in good hands when they go to trial.


Of Counsel Criminal and Traffic Attorney

Richard Alexander is a criminal and traffic attorney for the Law Offices of Alexander Borell, who represents our clients in an Of Counsel role. Having established a civil and criminal law firm back in 2004, Richard brings an extraordinary amount of experience and knowledge to our firm. As a prosecutor and defense attorney, he has attended and completed numerous seminars in the field of DUI law, such as: the maintenance of the breath alcohol machine, Driving Patterns, Police/Citizen Contact, Field Sobriety Exercises, Florida Implied Consent Law, and Breath Alcohol Reading. Richard has been a featured speaker on DUI law across Florida and has had numerous articles published in criminal and civil law. With a passion for defending clients and a dedication to continue learning, Richard has been sharpening his skills as a trial attorney in the Tampa area since serving as an Assistant State Attorney in 1997.


Of Counsel Foreclosure Defense Attorney
Jonathan Benjamin is a foreclosure defense attorney for the Law Offices of Alexander Borell, who represents our clients in an Of Counsel role. Jonathan specializes in foreclosure defense and, having worked as a bank attorney, brings firsthand knowledge and a unique perspective as to how the other side litigates.  What stands out about Jonathan is that he is always looking for ways to aggressively represent clients and dismiss cases. Like many of our Of Counsel attorneys, Jonathan owns his own firm – Benjamin Law Practice – where he focuses on commercial and residential foreclosure defense, HOA foreclosure defense, consumer collection defense, real estate litigation, bankruptcy, business law and civil litigation. Admitted to the bar in 2011, Jonathan is passionate about law and dedicated to putting clients first.


Of Counsel Criminal, Debt Litigation and Family Law Attorney
Steven Halim is a criminal, debt litigation and family law attorney for the Law Offices of Alexander Borell, who represents our clients in an of Counsel role. Steven established his own private practice – Halim Law – in 2007, in the Orlando area. With over 15 years’ experience as an attorney, Steven brings an incredible amount of knowledge in trial practice, litigation and legal research to our Orlando clients. Starting his career off as an Assistant Public Defender, from 2002-2004, Steven has always been dedicated to helping those in need and he fights aggressively to get clients the results they deserve. Going the extra mile is normal for Steven because, as a father who enjoys spending time with his son, Steven understands the nature of what is at stake when representing our clients in family law matters.